Take away mussels in Dijon

Take-away mussels Mussels to go Take advantage of the pleasure of tasting your mussels, with family or friends, at your home or at the office with colleagues, thanks to our "Take away" formula. Indeed, the restaurant L’Bout d´la Rue in Dijon (21 - Côte-d´Or) offers its mussels to take away at the single price of € 14.50:

Peasant mussels

Chicken mussels

Lemon mussels

Mussels to take away 14.50 €

1 kg of mussels and a portion of fries per person
Mussels marinières (white wine, onions, shallots, parsley)
Mussels with basil (garlic, basil, crushed tomatoes)
Lemon mussels (olive oil, lemon)
Mussels with pimentx (olive oil, peppers)
Mussels with Chicken (cream sauce, chives)
Curry mussels (cream sauce, curry)
Mussels à la Franc-Comtoise (cream sauce, Comté, Emmental)
Mussels with Roquefort (cream sauce, Roquefort)
Epoisse mussels (Epoisse Berthaut AOP cream sauce)
Thai mussels (green curry cream sauce, ginger, coriander)
Mussels à la paysanne (cream sauce, bacon, garlic croutons)
"L'Bout d'la Rue" mussels (cream sauce, grain mustard, tarragon)

Additional portion of fries 4 €

Our wines to take away (75 cl bottle)

Whites :
Muscadet sur Lie 10.00€
Mâcon 13.00€
Montagny 1er cru 14.00€
Roses :
Côtes de Provence (Lou Castellas) 13.00€
Grand Ardèche 15.00€
Bourgogne Vezelay 14.00€
Rully 18.00€

Côtes de Provence (Valadas) 12.00€

Mussels a la Franc-Comtoise

Mussels in curry

Thai mussels

Our contact details

52 Rue Verrerie - 21000 DIJON - Phone : 03 80 71 37 92 - 06 63 24 57 93